May 02, 2018

Production Supervisor

  • Franklin Patterson
  • Lexington, KY, USA
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Lexington , KY , United States 

Maintain productive work environment by management of human and work place factors. Maintain a highly productive work environment by fair application of rules maintaining reliability in our equipment and processes and encouraging involvement by all employees.

Supervise employees and assign work to meet production schedules. Provide shift - to - shift continuity. Support and offer supervisor or EMS coordinator suggestions for the improvement of the facility EMS.

1. Supervise hourly employees in the manufacture of quality product at minimum cost to meet production schedules.
2. Enforce plant rules covered by labor contract. Resolves labor problems or promptly refer to superintendent for resolution. Maintain two - way communications between management and hourly employees.
3. Enforces safety rules and oversee housekeeping. Maintain constant alert for hazardous conditions or practices and initiate corrective action as required.
4. Keep scrap levels within acceptable limits through the application of quality control programs use of process documentation inspection of product quality and fast reaction to and resolution of quality problems.
5. Meet predetermined annual goals in the areas of labor efficiency productivity improvement cost reduction scrap reduction safety performance and absenteeism.
6. Hire and train employees demonstrate operation of equipment instruct new hires on safety and plant policies.
7. The person assigned to this job has the authority and responsibility for the tasks designated in the EMS (Environmental Management System) procedures and for the tasks described below.
8.Understanding and assuring conformance with the plant’s Environmental Policy as it relates to their job responsibilities.
9. Understanding identified facility Significant EMS Aspects relating to their job and conforming with related facility operational controls.
10. Understanding and assuring conformance with facility EMS Legal
11. Suggesting appropriate modifications of facility EMS documents to the EMS coordinator.
12. Reporting any observed facility non-conformance to the EMS coordinator.

• EDUCATION: BS degree


• COMPENSATION RANGE: 45000 - 68000/yr



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