Jun 25, 2018

ME-Equipment Project Engineer

  • Franklin Patterson
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Elmira , NY , United States

Provide mechanical equipment engineering support for production processes.; including cost reduction preventive maintenance programs, documentation and training, troubleshooting equipment upgrades and project management.

• Design and documentation of new and existing mechanical systems
• Follows operation of new or existing equipment. Analyzes malfunctions improves equipment reliability and directs maintenance personnel in making corrective changes
• Production support in troubleshooting of mechanical equipment
• Directs and instructs Maintenance Mechanical Associates during installation and troubleshooting and help train Mechanical Maintenance Associates
• Manage mechanical projects (this includes developing project timeline spending control resource management training and documentation)
• Provide on call coverage as scheduled
• Organize and lead engineering projects to reduce downtime reduce costs increase selects meet safety standards etc.
• Provide necessary design and documentation for these projects. Coordinate projects and resources with other departments and their requirements.
• Provide effective machine designs as needed for equipment improvements and provide preliminary engineering ideas for new projects and applications
• Performance reviews MBO Plans and training plans for direct reports Projects:
• Utilize all resources in the development of a project scope and coordinate resources for effective completion of projects. Develop project contracts and project plans.
• Development of new equipment designs and implementation of equipment projects.
• Develop project scopes schedules and trades requirements. Provide project leadership and project participation as required
• Maintain an ongoing list of project objectives and project plans
• Support Plant-wide efforts to implement principles and practices of
• Troubleshoot and resolution of equipment problems
• Analysis of best opportunities for machine design improvements
• Ensure purchased equipment meets application requirements and plant guidelines
• Effective application of new equipment technology
• Project management skills budgets project contracts project plans and staffing including personnel development
• Establish experimental design material
• Approval of PDCs generated by technical staff assigned to projects

• Strong experience in mechanical design practices flexible automation robotics material handling and system integration including development of process machine/system design specifications.
• Experience developing and delivering fully integrated machine /automation systems to manufacturing requiring the integration of commercially available technologies into process manufacturing solutions.
• Experience with pneumatic robotics material handling alignment part sensing and safety standards.
• Experience with manage external machine builders and system integration for detail design build and integration of later stages of machine system implementation.
• Experience with use of standard computer modeling and analysis software packages used in design of mechanical systems.
• Experience moving a new product / manufacturing process from development into manufacturing.
• Strong communication and interaction skills.


• JOB DURATION: Full time

• COMPENSATION RANGE: 65000-78000/yr


Engineer - Mechanical Engineer

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