Jul 06, 2018

Interventional Radiographer

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  • Atlanta, GA, USA
Full time Health Care

Job Description

Atlanta , GA , United States

Experienced  Interventional Radiographer. Ability to work quickly and efficiently in a complex situation. Independent and reliable with good problem-solving skills This is for a 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday shift. Must have a minimum of two years of clinical experience and one-year experience in area of concentration.

Advance certification in CIT preferred. Neurosurgery experience a plus. Preferred experience in the following: Interventional Radiology Diagnostic angiography Arteriovenous malformation treatment Balloon angioplasty Biliary drainage and stenting Central venous access Cerebral arteriogram Chemoembolization Gastrostomy tube Hemodialysis access maintenance Infection and abscess drainage Needle biopsy Nephrostomy tube Radiofrequency ablation Stent Stent-graft Thrombolysis TIPS Uterine artery embolization Uterine fibroid embolization Varicocele embolization Varicose vein treatment Vascular access devices Vena cava filter  

•   EDUCATIONAL: Advance certification in CIT preferred.  

•   JOB DURATION: This job is fulltime.  



Healthcare - EEG, Mamography, Ultrasound, MRI, Technician

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