Nov 04, 2018

Business Development Strategy Manager

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  • Miami , Florida , United States
Full time Marketing

Job Description

Miami , Florida , United States

Identify investigate and present external products product lines technologies companies and investment opportunities which will positively impact top line growth. Lead the process for strategic framing structured identification and assessment of new opportunities including the product valuation process market research plan and forecasting for potential new products.

Develop commercial analysis of new product ideas including competitive analysis scenario analysis and key market issues. Develop marketing strategy and planning efforts for providing solutions to strengthen and increase market share. Drive marketing strategy and execution for the research and development of new products from the conceptual stage to researching the ultimate viability of potential revenue costs and risks.

At least 4 years experience in a healthcare-related field like medical devices biotechnology or pharma with at least two years in a business development role.Strong business acumen and a strategic focus to the market. strong marketing knowledge.

Strategic thinking tactical skills customer focus creativity interpersonal communications financial analysis and evaluation ability intense drive for results continuous and versatile learning action orientation and emotional intelligence. Demonstrated marketing skill in the areas of strategic assessment Excellent knowledge of medical industry especially customer facing experience.

- ability to translate an understanding of customer needs into competitive advantage Experience in taking a project from concept to market. Experience in a product launch required Passionate energetic communicative and able to articulate leadership in a team environment 
- ability to work with the wealth of existing data available from the technology organization to identify trends commonalities deficits etc. identifying areas of strength weakness and opportunity 
- Creates a work environment that rewards risk taking decisiveness and a bias for action over analysis A project leader with very strong marketing leadership and organization skills aspiring toward a career in management
- demonstrated marketing and management capabilities in a rapidly changing business environment Business experience in the medical device industry with product management that required product development and/or launching a product. Business experience may include marketing sales sales training business development 
-single market product management experience combined with global marketing experience is desirable Strong cross-functional teamwork skills and team leadership skills

• EDUCATION: Bachelors Degree in Marketing

• JOB DURATION: This job is full time




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